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With our Handmade Clay Brown leaf design Pirch, Saucer, or Coasters, say goodbye to spills, stains, and water rings with our brown terracotta clay coasters. Designed to be naturally absorbent, they swiftly remove condensation, keeping your tabletop surfaces perfectly dry. These drink coasters are lovingly made from all-natural clay, ensuring a unique pattern on each piece. Not only do they serve as functional coasters, but they also make stunning additions to your home decor or thoughtful gifts. Our meticulously hand-painted clay coasters feature a smooth, natural surface that resists sliding and scratching. Rest assured, your drinks and precious furniture are protected. Whether your table is made of wood or glass, our saucer or perch adds a touch of beauty. With its chic and elegant rounded flower corners, it effortlessly enhances any dining setting. These saucers are not just for drinks; they can also hold small cups or be used as a convenient vessel for serving chips or snacks. Thanks to the lifted corners, you can be sure that nothing will fall out. Upgrade your home with our Handmade Clay Coasters. Absorbent, aesthetically pleasing, and multipurpose, they bring both practicality and charm to your everyday moments. Say goodbye to table mishaps and hello to style and functionality.


  • Handmade Clay Coaster: Don’t worry about spills, drips, stains, and water rings with our brown terracotta clay coasters. Their naturally absorbent design quickly removes condensation to keep all of your tabletop surfaces dry!
  • Made From Natural Clay: These drink coasters are made from all-natural clay. Each coaster features a unique pattern, making these a stunning addition to your home decor, or a great gift.
  • Slide, Slip, or Scratch Free: Our handmade fine-painted clay coasters feature a natural surface that is slide and scratch-free. 
  • Beautiful for Dining Table: No matter the wooden or glass table, this saucer or pirch looks beautiful to everyone. It’s chic and elegant with rounded flower corners. 
  • Multi-Purpose: This saucer can be used with glass and small cups or you can also put a small serving of any chips or snacks in it. Due to lifted corners, nothing will fall out.
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