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Clayhandi Pasrori-Tandori Tea Cups,Baked Clay Tandoori Cups, Kulhar Tandoori Chai Tea Cups Oval Design
Tandoori Chai: In this unique tea-making process, clay pots or kullhads/pottery are roasted in a pre-heated tandoor(for commercial use) or Gas(for home). Then, semi-cooked tea is poured into the extremely hot kulhars/pottery to bubble over as it finishes cooking. The hot clay pot lends the chai its smoky flavor. Once done, the piping hot chai is served in another clean clay pot along with bun maska or biscuit.
Tandoori Chia: “In this unique tea-making process. You can make in-home and serve your Relatives/Family/Guest
First roast kulhads in a pre-heated tandoor(for commercial) / gas(at home) & pour semi-cooked tea into the extremely hot kulchas. Let it bubble over & once done, the chai gets a smoky flavor.

  • Handmade Clay Cups
  • Material: Earthen Clay
  • Traditional Style
  • Glazed/Unglazed
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