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Check out our versatile and stunning serving clay bowls printed and glazed, that are perfect for various uses. You can serve soups, and curries, or even toss salads in them directly. The bowls are beautifully hand-painted designs, featuring a gorgeous camel color on a brown base. The artwork adds a touch of elegance and enhances the overall look of the bowls. Made from natural clay, these bowls have excellent heat retention properties, keeping your food warm for longer. It's a traditional item commonly found in Asian homes for this reason. Rest assured, these terracotta serving bowls are completely safe for food and are free from harmful chemicals like lead. They are ideal for serving delicious meals with peace of mind. Not only are these bowls functional and safe, but they also make a perfect gift for housewarmings. The impressive design and antique craftsmanship make them a special and thoughtful present. Experience the perfect combination of style and practicality with our hand-painted terracotta serving bowls. They will elevate your dining experience while adding a touch of tradition and beauty to your table.

  • Multi-Purpose: This product is multi-purposed as one can use it for both serving soups and curries or toss the salad in and serve directly. 

  • Beautiful Hand-Painted Look: The hand painting on the bowl is simply gorgeous, it complements the overall look and feel of the bowl. It's beautifully painted in camel color over a brown base. 

  • Keep Food Hot & Fresh: Because they are made from natural clay these bowls will keep the food warm longer. This is a very traditional and typical item, found in most Asian homes. 

  • Food Safe and Chemical Free: These terracotta serving bowls are food safe and lead-free making them the perfect solution for serving delicious food.

  • Perfect for gifting: The impressive design and antique craftsmanship are making it a perfect gift for housewarming.

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