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The Moroccan Clay Water set includes a jug and 4 glasses. The beautifully designed and painted, this water set is indeed a graceful addition to your home and dining table. Specifications: water set (1 Jug, 4 Glasses) , Hand Crafted, Premium quality product Feel the difference in taste while drinking from clay glass. Enjoy the natural flavor. Earthen Water Jug and Glass is made of 100% Natural clay, Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Benefits: Drinking From clay water set keeps you cool and fresh all day. Porous nature will regulate temperature and keep water at moderate temperature throughout the day. Boosts metabolism, prevents sun stroke. It is a natural purifier and gentle on the throat. The vitamins and minerals from the water stored in clay pots will help in maintaining the body glucose levels and will also provide a gentle cooling effect to your body.
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