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Introducing the Clay Handi Handmade Clay Water Cooler, an exceptional earthen brown, handcrafted, and glazed premium quality product. This remarkable water cooler not only cools water naturally but also keeps it cool throughout all seasons. Experience the quenching and gentle effects of water stored in a clay pot, soothing your throat and satisfying your thirst. The inherent alkaline nature of the earthen clay used in this water cooler helps balance the pH scale, promoting overall well-being and healing with the elements of the earth. Embrace the holistic benefits of this ancient practice. When it comes to maintenance and care, simply fill the cooler with water overnight before the first use to prepare it for the next day. Regularly wash it with a mild detergent and gently scrub the pot to keep it clean. Hand washing is recommended to ensure its longevity. Allow it to naturally dry before each use to maintain its optimum performance. Indulge in the purity and refreshing qualities of water stored in the Clay Handi Handmade Clay Water Cooler, where tradition meets innovation to enhance your hydration experience. Embrace the natural and harmonious elements of earth for a truly exceptional and rejuvenating drinking experience.

  • Natural Purifier: Crafted from natural clay, the clay water cooler acts as a natural purifier, enhancing the quality of your drinking water. Its porous structure helps to naturally filter impurities, ensuring a clean and refreshing taste. Additionally, the unique properties of the clay may also contribute to boosting metabolism, promoting overall wellness with every sip.
  • Engraved leaf and Hand-Printed Flower Design: A mesmerizing fusion of art and functionality. Crafted with precision, featuring an engraved leaf and hand-printed flower design. Durable mud/clay construction ensures longevity. 
  • Healthy Benefits: Experience pure and healthy hydration with the Mud Clay Water Cooler. Crafted with care, this water cooler is meticulously designed to be free of harmful chemicals, ensuring a truly refreshing and delicious drinking experience.
  • Self-Cooler: Our Mud Clay Water Cooler naturally enhances the taste and temperature of your water. This innovative water cooler not only cools the water within but also balances the pH level, resulting in a refreshing and natural flavor profile. Experience the chill and pure taste of water like never before with this remarkable self-cooling water pot.
  • Ideal for offices & home: Ideal for homes, offices, or gatherings, this Natural Mud Clay Water Cooler effortlessly combines captivating cultural heritage with timeless beauty. Enhance your decor with this exquisite piece.

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