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ClayHandi Handmade Clay Hala Plates, Blue Flower Design Clay Plates
Clay Plates are beautifully painted with a blue flower design which is very unique and appealing. For a classy dining experience, These Clay plates are the best choice and also a wonderful gift to your family and friends. Hand-made, Hand painted, Premium Quality, Food serving plates. These pieces were made with traditional processes, they may have small irregularities that characterize them as unique pieces. These are free of hazardous chemicals like lead An Elegant pieces and add to your home decoration Benefits: Eating in clay pots/ plates serves you many benefits. These are chemical-free, have good heat retention, and food becomes more healthy by cooking and eating in clay pots as you will require less oil to cook.
Gentle care: Clay plates are fragile so handle them with care

  • Blue Flower Design Clay Plates
  • Handmade & Handpainted Clay Plates
  • Premium Quality, Food Serving Plates
  • Clay plates are fragile so handle them with care
  • Chemical-free, have good heat retention
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